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Team Get Lucky is the go-to source for Madden players looking to up their game at the best price. Not only do we provide the best Madden schemes and tips, but we are the ONLY site that also teaches you the best coin making strategies in Madden Ultimate Team.


Our in-depth gameplans are full schemes designed to destroy the meta and dominate your opponents.

Pro Tips

Tips are constantly updated throughout the year. We breakdown various abilities, meta counters, and much more. These tips can be applied to your own schemes to always have that extra edge on your opponents.

Coin Making

Tired of burning your hard earned cash on packs? With our coin making guides, you won't have to worry about breaking the bank when those shiny new cards drop.


Kmac is a Bengals club champion and a Madden Bowl semi-finalist. His schemes are consistently the most unique in the pro player scene and he wants to teach people how to destroy the meta.


Noah is one of only four Madden pros with two or more championship belts. He's a college national champion on an e-sports scholarship to WVU and is widely considered the best defensive player in the world.


iJoebruin has been playing Madden for 15 years and MUT since Madden 12. He uses his extensive knowledge of the market to help people make coins and build the MUT team they've always wanted.

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We put a TON of work into making our gameplans and tips. With that said, we have a "No Refund" policy.